The Lobster tennis ball machine is back in operation at Woodbridge Tennis Club, giving members the chance to practise a wide range of return shots. 

Our coach Jon recently did some training with club members to show them how the machine works and its capabilities. Check out the quick video from our Facebook page below with Jon giving a demonstration. 

It’s a great piece of kit, with fully random oscillation and random ball feed, so will fire balls at different speeds for short and deep shots and with various spin – perfect for a good solo work out. 

In order to use the machine, members must have some training beforehand or there must be ‘super user’ on hand. If you’d like to find out more about using the Lobster, get in touch with Jon on 07796 366 032 or fire him an email:  

Super User ball machine training underway!

Posted by Woodbridge Tennis Club Inc Deben Juniors on Saturday, 10 March 2018