It’s official (and we knew it all along!) – tennis players keep serving up on court to a ripe old age! According to research called the Copenhagen City Heart  Study, playing tennis can lengthen your life by up to ten years. Smashing!

In fact, tennis came out on top of the eight sports included in the study, ranging from badminton and football, to running, swimming and cycling.

The researchers found that two aspects of the sport were particularly beneficial to long-term health – its social aspect and the amount of HIIT (or high intensity interval training). The use of cognitive skills were also found to be high in tennis. 

So, whether you’re a ‘veteran’ or tennis newbie who’s never picked up a racket, why not come along and give the game a try. And if you’re thinking about joining as a member, find out more here! 

And meet up with long-standing members Max and Margaret Pemberton who don’t need a study to convince them of the benefits of tennis!