Woodbridge Tennis Club - meet the member Joanna SlingoCatch up with on-court regular Joanna Slingo and find out why she thinks she could take a game off gentleman pro Roger Federer!

What’s your earliest memory of playing tennis?

Having the LTA coaches coming to school every summer term and giving us lessons
What do you love about Woodbridge?
It’s a beautiful town, with lovely atmosphere, river and some great shops
What has been the high point of your playing career so far?
I’m still waiting!
What music are you into?
Eclectic: anything from Clapton, to Chopin or Coldplay
Who is your all-time tennis hero and why?
John McEnroe – he made tennis more inclusive
Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer – why?
Roger FedererRoger, simply brilliant player to watch and seems a great guy
Who would you most like to play – current or former tennis stars?
See above
How do you think you’d do against them?
He’s obviously a gentleman, so I think he’d let me win a game or two!
Pint of Adnams or pint of Aspalls?
Neither, a Cosmo, please
Johanna Konta or Venus Williams – why?
Ms Konta, we Joannas must stick together
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given about playing?
Keep your eye on the all, thank you Jon Mansfield
Milsoms KesgraveWhich current tennis players would be good fun for a night out in Woodbridge and where would you take them?
I’d take Roger for cocktails and dinner at Milsoms, Kesgrave Hall!
What is the best part of your game?
What’s not so good/room for improvement?
What’s your favourite film?
Indiana JonesAnything with Harrison Ford
What do you like doing away from the court?
Travelling, reading, pilates, friends
What makes Woodbridge Tennis Club special?
It’s diverse membership. You can be playing a Cambridge professor or a rock musician – we have both!
Which five people (living or dead) would be at your dream dinner party?

The Pope, Jane Austen, Sir David Attenborough, Princess Diana and Harrison Ford!