As a 90-something veteran of Woodbridge Tennis Club, Sam Schuster is a real club celebrity, who says tennis “makes 90 feel like 70!” A long-term member, Sam, an Emeritus Professor, still regularly turns out for social sessions three times a week.Veteran member of Woodbridge Tennis Club Sam Schuster celebrates his birthday

What’s your earliest memory of playing tennis? 
My brother hitting my sister with a racquet.
What do you love about Woodbridge? 
There’s more to like than to dislike.
What has been the high point of your playing career so far? 
Being mistaken for a club member who could play.
What music are you into? 
My wife defines it best: “ mostly boring”.
Who is your all-time tennis hero and why? 
Club chairman, Steve Lemon, because in time I might beat him.
Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer – why? 
Roger, because his name is easier to remember.
Who would you most like to play – current or former tennis stars? 
Mansour Bahrami, because he makes comedy serious.
Woodbridge club member Sam Schuster at his club birthday partyHow do you think you’d do against them? 
I’d go down like yet another bad joke in good company.
Pint of Adnams or pint of Aspalls? 
Half of both.
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given about playing? 
Be honest: give up.
Which current tennis players would be good fun for a night out in Woodbridge and where would you take
There isn’t a place big enough to hold them all.
What is the best part of your game? 
The gossip between serves.
What’s not so good/room for improvement? 
All my strokes/inability to accept their poverty.
What’s your favourite film? 
The one that comes over my eyes when I get sleepy.
What do you like doing away from the court? 
Walking back to it.
What makes Woodbridge Tennis Club special? 
It is the only one in Woodbridge; what would we do without it?
Which five people (living or dead) would be at your dream dinner party? 
A cannibal chief, his wife and three children, one of them a vegetarian, one a vegan and one omnivorous; trouble is, despite the vegetarian and vegan, and their persistent paternal quarrels, I wouldn’t be allowed to stay for longer than dad’s appetite.