Woodbridge Tennis Club junior playerThere’s some serious young talent hitting the courts at Woodbridge Tennis Club, with budding players enjoying some smashing sessions and making new friends along the way. We caught up with one young star-in-the-making, 7-year-old Sebastian Coult. 

What do you like about Woodbridge?

I like the shops and the river.

What do you love about playing tennis?

 I like how Jon (our coach) encourages kids to play at all different levels. I love competing and that it keeps me fit.

Who is your favourite tennis player?

Roger Federer.

Who would you most like to play at tennis?

Roger Federer.

Do you think you’d win!?

No, not yet!

Woodbridge Tennis Club junior player hits backhandWhat is your best shot in tennis?

My forehand.

Have you made lots of friends at the club?

Yes, I have made lots of friends.

Got a youngster who’s interested in getting fit, having fun and making some new friends? Get in touch to find out about all the playing opportunities at Woodbridge Tennis Club.