Steve Lemon, Chairman of Woodbridge Tennis ClubMeet Steve Lemon, Chairman of Woodbridge Tennis Club and a stalwart of the club’s thriving social scene. Steve is keen to see the club grow and welcome new members of all abilities – find out about joining here

What do you enjoy most about playing tennis at Woodbridge Tennis Club?
The people and location.

Steve takes part in a coaching day at Woodbridge Tennis Club

Steve takes part in a coaching day at Woodbridge Tennis Club. (picture: Stan Baston)

What’s your earliest memory playing tennis?
A school mate had a court in his back garden – and we used to play most days during the school holidays.

What do you love about Woodbridge?

What has been the high point of your playing career so far?
Won the final doubles match (mixed) for a club in Birkdale in the northwest before the courts were demolished to build retirement homes.

What music are you into?
Most pop and more classical as I age!

Who is your all-time tennis hero and why?
Rod Laver winning WimbledonRod Laver. He was at the top of his game when I start playing regular tennis. He’s also a leftie!

Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer – why?
Federer – stylish and effortless.

Who would you most like to play – current or former tennis stars?
Ilie Nastase.

How do you think you’d do against them?
Well, I would get a game off him because he would go and have a chat with the crowd!

Pint of Adnams or pint of Aspalls?
Adnams in winter and Aspalls in summer.

Johanna Konta or Venus Williams – why?
Venus – she’s still playing top tennis after a lot of setbacks.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given about playing?
Try to anticipate the next shot and move into position the second you hit the ball.

The Shawshank Redemption

Steve’s favourite film, The Shawshank Redemption © Columbia Pictures

What is the best part of your game?
Don’t believe I have a best part!

What would you like to improve?

What’s your favourite film?
The Shawshank Redemption

What do you like doing away from the court?
Socialising, reading, crosswords and a bit of mentally-stimulating work.

Amaretto italian almond liqueurWhat makes Woodbridge Tennis Club special?
Few clubs have the amount of social and match tennis we have. We also have a really strong community feel that many clubs don’t.

Favourite shot?
Am I allowed to say Amaretto!?

Which five people (living or dead) would be at your dream dinner party?
Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Maureen Lipman, Thomas Edison and Maggie Smith.