Hi Everyone,  


Please see below the details of our donations for April to June 2021. 


We donated to the following charities : 

Make A Wish, Cancer Research UK, The British Heart Foundation, The Alzheimer’s  Society, The National Autistic Society, The Parkinson’s Disease Society, CALM, Macmillan  Cancer  Support, Blue Elephant, Help For Heroes, Foodbank Fundraising, The Stroke Association, ASYTST, NLAAS, Veterans Lifeline, The Tennis Foundation, Tennis First, & Tennis For Free. 


We Also donated 1,140 balls to the following charities : 

Save The Children, NSPCC, Barnardo’s, Under Privileged Nurseries / Schools, Children’s Homes, Rescue Centres, RSPCA, Police Dogs, Guide Dogs..  


I would like to say a big thank you for your continued support, as without you, these charitable donations would simply not be possible. 


Kind regards,    Neil. 


If anyone has any sacks ready for shipping, please let me know and I will arrange for the courier to collect and email you the shipping labels. 

Or, if you have any used tennis balls you would like to recycle and need a courier sack shipping out to you, please email me and I will get one sent out for you. 


We Buy Your Used Tennis Balls For Up To 20p Per Ball  


There are 3 options for sending us your used tennis balls :  

1. We Pay 20p Per Ball – You can send in any number of balls. You pay your own postage and use your own packaging ( most people use a cardboard box from the local shop / supermarket ) Please do not request one of our sacks to be sent out to you for this option. 

2. We Pay 20p Per Ball – Local Collection ( We collect the balls from your club ( any LN postcode )). 

3. We Pay 15p Per Ball – You send in 250 balls in one of our reusable sacks. We pay £37.50 (15p per ball) and cover all shipping costs. 

In addition to standard tennis balls, we can also take trainer balls, low pressure minis ( only the coloured and dual coloured balls) Padel balls, Etc.  ( all subject to any of them nor being in any of the conditions we do not take )  

In addition to standard tennis balls, we can also take trainer balls, padel balls, low pressure / mini balls ( only the dual coloured balls NOT the standard yellow coloured low pressure / mini balls( i.e. green dot / red dot / stage 1 / stage 2 ) Etc.  ( all subject to any of them not being in any of the conditions we do not take ) 

So long as the balls are not weather damaged, or are very discoloured, or have damaged / frayed nap, or have been worn down to practically threadbare, then we can take them. 

i.e. Balls have been knocked over the fence, into the bushes, onto a roof, Etc, then left out in all weathers, will be weather damaged / will have become discoloured. 

i.e. If the balls have been used to death, then the nap will be have become practically threadbare or will have become frayed. 

We can not take any balls that have been used on clay courts, as they will have become very discoloured red / brown. (Ball used on artificial clay surfaces should be fine, provided they have not become too discoloured) 

If any of the balls are in any of the above conditions, please don’t put them into the sack. 


Also, we can not take the standard yellow coloured low pressure / mini balls. ( i.e. green dot / red dot / stage 1 / stage 2 Etc. ) The dual coloured low pressure / mini balls are fine, provided they are in good condition ) 


We have found the most convenient process is :  

When you have 250 or more balls available, simply let us know and we will send you out a reusable courier sacks(s). Once you let us know that the sack has been packed, we will arrange for the courier to call and collect.  

We will make a bank transfer for you one the balls have been received and sorted.  

If you would like to send balls in at least a batch of 250, please email me your address and request a sack, (250 balls per sack ) I will then get one shipped out for you.  

Recycaball is a not for profit company ( registration No 10578934 ) , has been running since 2010 and is now recycling with over 1,700 clubs and coaches throughout the UK.  

Should you require a little more information regarding our used tennis ball recycling service, please go the our website : www.recycaball.com  


If you are interested in recycling your used tennis balls, would you please visit our website www.recycaball.com or email us at :neil@recycaball.com  


Swap A Sack Of Used Tennis Balls… For A Used Tennis Balls Recycling Unit.  


If you would like a used tennis ball recycling unit for your club in order to increase the number of balls being recycled, we are able to provide one for you…  

The units have a hole in order for the used tennis balls to be posted into the unit and they can be locked via provided combination locks.  

Quite simply, when you send in your next sack of 250 balls, if you would prefer a recycling unit rather than a direct payment, simply let us know, and once the sack has been received, we will ship one out for you.  

( Pictures of the units are on our website www.recycaball.com  they come with a combination padlock to secure the lid ).  



To unsubscribe, simply reply to this email with the word Unsubscribe as the message  



Thank you for recycling with us.


Kind Regards,




Recycaball Ltd.

Email – neil@recycaball.com

Website – www.recycaball.com


Recycaball Ltd Is A Not For Profit Company – Registration No 10578934