Woodbridge tennis club is open to all ages and abilities

Kick-start 2018 with some on-court action to get fit, have some fun and improve your game. Throughout winter, we’ve got a wide range of options for tennis players of all ages and abilities – from complete newbies to long servers!

If you’re looking for help with any aspect of your game our experienced coaches deliver various training tailored to all levels. Or, if you want to have fun and meet new friends, check out our social sessions that are open to all.

What are you waiting for?


January to March 2018

Course                                              Day                                Time

Junior Tennis (11-14yrs)                  Monday                           6 – 7pm

Warm up on court at Mini Red tennis sessionMini Red (4-7yrs)                              Tuesday                          4 – 5pm

Mini Orange (7-9yrs)                        Tuesday                          5 – 6pm

Girls Teen Tennis (12-18yrs)           Tuesday                          6 – 7pm

Mini Red (4-6yrs)                              Wednesday                    4 – 5pm

Mini Red/Orange (7-9yrs)               Wednesday                    5 – 6pm

Junior Tennis (12-16yrs)                  Thursday                        5 – 6pm

Teen Tennis (14-18yrs)                     Thursday                        6 – 7pm

Mini Green (8-11yrs)                         Friday                             5 – 6pm

Teen Tennis (11-14yrs)                      Friday                             6 – 7pm

Mini Red (4-6yrs)                              Sunday                            10-11am


Performance (Invite only)

Teens (12-14 yrs)                               Saturday                          11 – 1pm

Teens (14-18 yrs)                               Saturday                          1 – 3pm


Woodbridge tennis club offers various adult coaching sessionsADULT COACHING PROGRAMME JANUARY 2018

January to March 2018

MONDAY                          Improvers                                    9.15am – 10.45am

TUESDAY                         Intermediate                               2pm – 3pm

TUESDAY                         Tennis Xpress Beginners         7pm – 8.30pm

WEDNESDAY                 Tennis Xpress Beginners          2pm – 3pm

THURSDAY                     Improvers / Team Players        1.30pm – 3pm        

FRIDAY                            Improvers                                     9.15am – 10.45am                 


Woodbridge Tennis Club has various social tennis sessionsSOCIAL SESSIONS

TUESDAY –         9am – 11am

TUESDAY –         7pm – 9pm

WEDNESDAY –  9am – 11am

THURSDAY –     9am – 11am

SUNDAY –          9am – 11am