Last week we celebrated the French Open in style at Woodbridge Tennis Club.

The aim for our 24 competitors was simple : win as many games as you can! Nothing new there right?  Well… anyone who has been to one of Jon’s tennis evenings will tell you it’s never quite that simple! Winning pairs moved up a court, whilst non-winners stayed, and all players changed partners. A progressive scoring format meant starting 0-15 down if you won the first game, 0-30 down if you won the second game etc…

There was a break at 8.30pm to observe a fine French tradition  – cheese & wine!! A great oportunity for players to take a short break and socialise. 


Then it was back on court for the final two rounds, and at the end of it all we had two winners – Joanna for the ladies and Andew for the men! 

I would like to thank everyone who attended for supporting the event and I look forward to hosting the next one – Wimble’Jon’ – coming up on 13th July.