With spring just around the corner, a team of green-fingered volunteers has been hard at work transforming the sloped areas either side of the steps leading down to the tennis courts into a wonderful garden. 

Work is still in progress, but things are already taking shape, with hedging, grass matting and beds all dug out and partially planted. 

There’s also a new bike rack, which will boost the club’s environmentally-friendly credentials by giving members the option to cycle down for a game and have a place to securely park their bikes while they’re on court.  

The work is due to finish soon, when we’ll be unveiling the finished results.

In the meantime, a big shout for all their hard work to Duncan Ford, who brought his expertise from his company www.rdtwoodlands.co.uk to project manage the scheme; Adrian Yates, Paul Rainer, Simon Robertson-Young and Steve Lemon.

Here’s some snaps of the team working up a sweat and getting down and dirty!

The new garden taking shape at Woodbridge Tennis Club

Woodbridge Tennis Club chairman Steve Lemon planting up the new garden

Hard at work on the new garden at Woodbridge Tennis Club

Trying out the new bike rack at Woodbridge Tennis Club