Martyn Bullingham, Junior coach at Woobridge Tennis ClubSince starting at Woodbridge Tennis Club in 2017, kids tennis coach Martyn Bullingham’s Sunday lessons have been an instant hit. With ambitions to get even more kids into the sport, we catch up with Martyn for a quick chat between lessons.

Tell us about your role at the club?
I’m the Sunday morning Kids Tennis Coach providing lessons which cover 4-10 year-olds, mini red Tennis and mini orange – green tennis. 
I’m an LTA level 2 coach. I’ve been teaching at Woodbridge Tennis Club since May 2017 and started up with six kids off the back of a WTC Open Day when I ran one lesson from 9.30-10.30. I have since grown my lessons and introduced 25 kids into WTC. I now run three separate lessons: 9.30-10.30 (12 kids)  10.30-11.30 (11 kids) and 11.30-12.30 (two kids). 
I am very proud to have achieved this and am very confident it can continue to grow. 
I also run private lessons on Fridays after school, and in the half-term school holidays during July and August.
What do you enjoy most about being a tennis coach?
The most enjoyable aspect of being a coach is being able to watch and see the pure enjoyment and fun the kids have in my lesson time. It’s very rewarding for myself and the children. LTA-formatted lessons cover agility, balance and coordination skills. It’s great to see their development along the way. Group lessons offer a great social, fun and active environment, with kids engaging social and other skill sets while being outside in the fresh air.
It is also very touching to see the parents making friends and enjoying their time watching their children play in the lessons and receiving such nice feedback from them. 
What’s your earliest memory playing tennis?
Playing soft tennis with my dad as a little boy.
What do you love about Woodbridge?
Woodbridge is such a unique and great setting for tennis with the club house being close to the river and sat on a large playing field. I think it’s a unique town which boasts a number of great restaurants, shops and other amenities. 
What has been the high point of your career so far?
I am very proud to be a Tennis Coach at WTC and the opportunity I have been given. My high point has been how successful I have made it, and grown it to big numbers in such a short time. I absolutely love Sunday mornings and seeing the children, and being able to help them develop their tennis skills and understanding. 
What music are you into? 
Almost any music. Dance anthems tend to help with my regular gym fitness training. 
Boris BeckerWho’s your all-time tennis hero and why?
I grew up with Boris Becker when he first won Wimbledon, diving across the court. He has to be my all-time favourite.
Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer?
Federer over Novak for his all-round game and style. 
Who would you most like to play?
Boris Becker when he was a teenager 
How do you think you’d do against them?
The result would not be favourable to me. 
Pint of Adnams or Aspalls?
Neither. Not a big drinker, but recently got into gin. Always preferred spirits to beer. 
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given about playing?
Always believe in yourself and never doubt yourself. Never give up. 
What is the best part of your game?
Strong forehand top spin
What would you like to improve?
backhand single one handed 
Mini Red tennis session at Woodbridge Tennis ClubGive us some quick tips for improving our game?
Beginners can learn to love the game of tennis and that is what my prime aim is. To introduce kids into tennis with my enthusiasm and encouragement for them. 
What’s the best thing beginners can learn?
Come to my lesson – joke! Difficult to say as lots of technical points. Footwork is very important 
Favourite film?
Favourite film is tough. Top Gun or the old Superman films with Christopher Reeve 
What do you like doing away from the court?
Mainly play tennis and go to the gym in my spare time. Oh, and holidays – who doesn’t like a good holiday ? 
What makes Woodbridge Tennis Club so special?
WTC has a great setting for tennis. It’s a small, friendly and sociable club. 
Favourite shot?
Forehand cross court shot when the opponent has come to the net for a volley. 
Martyn Bullingham giving a lesson at Woodbridge Tennis Club
Which five people (living or dead) would be at your dream dinner party?
Tom Cruise, Christopher Reeve, Ian Rush (LFC fan), Sylvester Stallone, Steffi Graf.